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Padinjarathara Project

This project-one of the premier project undertaken by Silver Castle Holidays & Resorts Private Limited, Kochi is getting set up on the banks of the Banasura Sagar Reservoir at Padinjarathara, near Kalpetta, Wayanad, Kerala, India. The project is getting completed in a spectacular and idyllic land with picturesque landscape, is expected to cater to the burgeoning demand for quality leisure stay at Wayanad. The project is being placed to provide international quality service and facilities. Located at a distance of 80 Km. from Kozhikode Airport, this project location is easily accessible from various places around the country. Easy access of the project hides within it a space of total exclusion from outside world. Project aims at fulfilling the expectations and requirements of foreign tourists from East and West as well as from Middle Eastern countries and also domestic tourists from all over India. The resort formulation is such that it caters to taste of clients from all over the world, and provides them with a place where they can relax and rejuvenate and which provides them with a rich experience and lots of unforgettable memories to cherish when they leave.

Constructing in an eco-friendly manner without disturbing the existing ecological pattern and the existing landscape, the project will have villas with maximum privacy; being constructed under the “Hide out” Concept.

Types Of Rooms And Facilities Planned

Under this project, Silver Castle Holidays & Resorts Private Limited, the company, is constructing different class of villas so as to satisfy the tastes and preferences of different class of people who are expected at the resort. Each class of villa has been designed keeping in mind the varying nature of tastes that each these classes hold. Extensive research has been done by an eminent consultant before deciding upon the nature of facilities which would satisfy these varying tastes. Each of the villas is planned in a way which would give the occupant a feel of absolute privacy. Existing flora & fauna of the region will be nurtured and improved so as to create a forest environment. In all there will be 38 villas, each having an exclusive outdoor relaxation area offering the spectacular view of the luxurious stretch of waters, with the magnificent Banasura Mountains forming the background. Various classes of villas and facilities offered therein are.

Type of Villas

Emperor Villa
  • Most spacious of all villas with 1400 sq. feet of space, these are meant for families with grown up children.
  • A spacious living room is provided with provision for private dining and a secure cloakroom.
  • Both the master bedroom as well as the children’s bedroom is provided with the luxury of Jacuzzis in the attached bathrooms, which ensures complete privacy to parents and freedom to children.
  • Will have an exclusive outdoor relaxation area with a spectacular view to the magnificent stretch of waters bounded by Banasura Mountains.
Royal Villa
  • As the name suggests this villa comes ready to provide the royal experience with a spacious living room cum dining space with an attached cloakroom.
  • This type of villa will have one bedroom which will be having an attached bathroom and a separate Jacuzzi.
  • Out door relaxation area is there too with a very nice view.
Romantic Villa
  • Romantic Villas is where one can smell romance all around. This villa is meant for the romantics who want to be in their own world, not to be disturbed but to enjoy the nature in its fullness all by themselves.
  • Jacuzzi is planned within the relaxation area, so as to provide the guests with that exquisite experience.
Premier Villa
  • Here the bedroom and living room is combined into one.
  • Bathroom and Jacuzzi are also joined together.
  • Outdoor relaxation area is maintained
Prestige Villas
  • In this type of villa living room and bed room is arranged into one.
  • Here also bathroom and Jacuzzi are also joined together.
  • Spacious outdoor area with a nice view is provided for.
Spa Mud Villas
  • These are meant for people who combine care for luxury with their concern for nature.
  • Spa mud villa will be a totally different experience all together being a fine blend of Wayanad tribal architecture and ultimate in modern comfort and luxury.
Prestige Villas for Disabled
  • These villas are designed to cater the needs of elderly and handicapped people so as to make a complete family outing possible.

In all there will be 38 high quality independent accommodation facilities targeting different segments of customers, all in harmony with serene surroundings. The project will have a rooftop restaurant, from where the guest can have a 360 view of the surroundings. The club house in the resort will have entertainment opportunities such as Swimming Pool, Out Door Restaurant, Out Door Gym and Games Room. The resort plans to have a full fledged Conference Hall of 150 pax. The resort will also be having a Spa Health Club build out of wood providing under the supervision of expert ayurvedic physicians. Keeping in mind that health is wealth a health club and indoor games facilities has been provided for.

Resort has small kiddie pool, toddler’s pool, children’s play area and children’s restroom, which has been constructed keeping in mind the general tastes of children. Here the toddlers will be entrusted to capable and well trained caretakers. The idea behind these facilities is to entrust children to capable hands while the parents enjoy a quiet relaxing time of their own.

Resort also plans to provide counters from where the guests can pick up local artifacts and spices and other souvenirs.

3D Map

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